Lam3rZ, who we R

Lam3rZ Group: manY (aka tmoggie) and Kil3r -- the founders.
Cadence, Luke_Skyw, Bulba, Gari -- other members, coders and bastard drunkardZ!
That's all folks!

What we're going to do?
We're going to make 3 the most powerfull digit!
We're going to make world more Lam3 then ever before!
We're going to Hack The Planet! :)

Lam3rZ friends (in order of 3):
nises, lcamtuf, stealth, hert, teso, krahmer, chikZ, A18, 3, basti, Coca-Cola, Coca, Cola, wszystkie pijaki, girls that heve performed sex on us, girls that have performed oral sex on us, other girls that we would like to perform any kind of sex with, Natalka Kukulska (KOCHAMY CIE, JESTES CUDOWNA!), bugs bunny and friends!

We do not like:
The Man with Pie on his face, Saddam Husain, Michael Jackson (or do we like him???), Chinese Goverment, Spanish Inquisition, kompot z desek...