What is SuckSlack?

SuckSlack is a ftp Slackware Linux installer project. Currently it consists of two parts: the modified second Slackware installation flopy "install.2" and a patched version of pkgtool, which provides ftp install capability using wget.

Formally it is not a Slackware, but it installs Slackware over net, so I called it SuckSlack (as it sucks desired slackware packages from network).

Breaking news: There also exist another Slackware ftp installer slackftp, which uses ftpfs.

Using "install.2" floppy image

First of all download the following file install.2. This is the second slackware installation "install.2" disk replacement.
If you installed Slackware previously, you probably know the rootdisk/install.1 and rootdisk/install.2 files.
In case that you boot your slackware installer from CDRom or floppy follow the instructions below:
1. copy the install.2 file to a flopy:
 cat ./install.2 > /dev/fd0; sync

2. boot from CD or Flopy
3. in case that you boot from the flopy insert this flopy when asked for second rootdisk (install.2) and go to 5.
4. in case of CD boot, when booted insert this flopy into a drive and type the following command:
 ( cd / ; cat /dev/fd0 | zcat 2> /dev/null | tar xf - ) 

5. now, you have setup scripts capable for network install from ftp mirror (GREAT! ;).
6. do the usuall stuff you always do while installing Slackware, i.e. prepare partitions, install network drivers and stuff, then run setup.
7. now set up your swap and target partitions, then in SOURCE section pick "5 Install from network mirror using wget".
8. now configure your network (IP, gateway and DNS are required).
9. after doing so pick up the mirror site, you wish to install from. in case that you have any mirror site that is not on the list, you may add it to /usr/lib/setup/mirrors. this must be the FULL ftp URL pointing to a directory containing a, ap, d, k... slackware series folders.
10. then you can chose slackware sections, you wish to install, so pick what you like.
11. when selecting prompting mode I'd advise 'menu' or 'expert' choice, which results in downloading only the packages you're really going to install!
12. INSTALL your Slackware over ftp mirror! :)

Using modified pkgtool

Download pkgtool.
Using modified version of pkgtool is quite simple.
If you'd like to install packages form network mirror type:
pkgtool -menu -mirror_url ftp://your.ftp.mirro.URL/and/path -sets "#A#AP#D#"
where "#A#AP#D#" are Slackware package sets you wish to install. pkgtool will ask you which individual packages you'd like to install.
The path should point to directory containing a, ap, d, k... slackware series folders.
That's all ;)

Send your comments to [trash1(at)] -- that's my e-mail address, really! :)