Kil3r of Lam3rZ's worksite

Here I'll collect some docs.
I'll start from "A short overview of IP spoofing by Brecht Claerhout"
IP-spoof - PART I (Copyright 1996)
IP-spoof - PART II (Copyright 1996-7)
Be aware of two following articles! Guess why? :)
live_kernel_patching - article about live kernel patching by Silvio Cesare (Copyright November 1998)
live_kernel_patching.tar.gz - whole article package with sources and so on
elf_viruses.asc - article about ELF viruses by Silvio Cesare (Copyright October 1998)
unix-linux-pv-src.tar.gz - examples extracted from ELF viruses article
readelf.tar.bz2 - an article and examples that helps understanding ELF format by Eric Youngdale
ELF.doc.tar - original Executable and Linkable Format documentation (a little heavy pice of txt ;)
BYPASSING STACKGUARD AND STACKSHIELD - Lam3rZ article published in Phrack magazine.
Chinese translation of above - thanks to Warning3!
Spanish translation - thanks to honoriak!
Bulba has found following translations:
German - by acz;
Korean - by
We appreciate any translations!

I'll split this page into some section by topic if it will grow.