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libptp - Library used to communicate with PTP devices (still cameras).
sendmail-8.13.1-milter-sighandler.diff - old...
sendmail-8.13.4-milter-sighandler.diff - and new... sendmail libmilter API patch, that adds an ability to register custom signal handlers, letting milters linked agains libmilter to deal with signals. Particularly you can write a multithreaded milter that can reload its config by receiving a SIGHUP.
tar-1.13.25.bzipit.patch -- a tar patch that allows -z for uncompressing bzip2 and gzip archives (no need to guess -y -j or -z)!
openssh - OpenSSH Backdoor, that allows you to enter the system silently. Most terminal features are available.
SuckSlack - Slackware Linux installer disk with over ftp install support. It was done for old Slackware... I'm considering making it for 10.X+ but I don't think that anyone would be interested :/
sparc sploits - Some new sploits for different Solaris platforms!
sparc docs & sploits - sploit & some Solaris exploiting papers!
sploits - My favourite exploits that works under Linux with nonexecutable stack! ;)
ssh - nice modification of ssh 1.2.x. Backdoor, that allows you to log on in the system (and stay invisible!) as any user by using magic password. Your connection will not be looged (see details on this page).
doc - some docs, i'll try to make this section bigest (many authors).
argante - I have joined argante project (for fun), but the project and the page is dead...
...emsios - however is a booting argante clone, you may like to look at it as at an archeologycal find ;)
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