Kil3r of Lam3rZ's worksite

3xterm.c - my (tested under Slackwarew 3.4, RH 5.0 and Debian) linux xterm Xaw exploit that works on systems with nonexecutable stack.
3lprm - my another (working around nonexecutable stack) sploit, for old lprm bug (tested under Slackware 3.4).
1999.VII.18 -- I decided to add sample ftp sploit ;)
3ftp - sample ftp shell sploit developed long time ago :)
3libtermcap-xterm.c -- New one for xterm libtermcap vulnerability; still needs some refining ;)
3man.c - cool (it means well working) man (MANPAGER) (tested on many RH) sploit -- like allways it works with nonexecutable stack.
33_su.c - another milestone, my first format character exploit and the very first published sploit, that bypases StackGuard protection.
FreeBSD - My FreeBSD works and sploits ;)
Rest of my stuff (guess what ;) is currently unavaliable :P (mostly 'cos I fogot to put it here :)
Sorry no bonus.

Lam3rZ has started MIPS related development, first on Cobalt RaQ computer with preinstalled Linux on it. It's based on R5230 Mips processor. As there was no available shellcode for it i wrote one. It's copyrighted to Lam3rZ Group.
mipsel shellcode - here it is.
Soon we're going to publish TxT regarding MIPS (mipsel and mipseb) Linux hacking!
BAD NEWS!!! My personal SGI INDY has fucked up, so I have to hold MIPS development for awhile :(
That's the way Lam3rZ started active exploiting of vulnerabilities on other platforms than wintel shit. We're also workin' on sparc and other. Bulba is workin on MIPS too.